The Main Thing System

the main thing system
the main thing system 2
The Main Thing planner is easy to use, as we guide you through our unique system step-by-step​ to make giving you the tools and training necessary so you can focus on enjoying the journey of reaching your main thing.


Following a personal One Goal Pledge, you will be shown how to break down your Main Thing into manageable segments, and how to fill in your daily actions. 

You will be surprised how achievable things are, when you follow our system!

By completing daily actions, focused each week on a different component of your overall Main Thing, you are steadily moving towards completing your goal.

At the end of each stage you will review your progress, which will help you prepare for the next stage of your plan even better.

To keep you motivated, there is a carefully selected quotation to act as a theme for each day of your journey.

Allow The Main Thing to become your personal success coach, keeping you on track and enthusiastic about the process every day!    

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