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  • The Main Thing

The Main Thing

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Why The Main Thing Planner?

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Based on the science and psychology of motivation and achievement, our proprietary system is user friendly and easy to follow.


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This high-quality planner is beautifully presented and will look great wherever you go. Coated hard cover, two ribbon bookmarks, perfect binding.

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204 pages Including separate sections for daily journaling,  gratitude and exercise. Everything you need to become the best version of yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Main Thing is one of your big goals, something you truly desire, an item on your bucket list. Whether that’s running a marathon, starting a business or learning to play a musical instrument this planner will help you achieve it.

The Main Thing is for successful people who want to be more successful. Successful people tend to live ‘full lives’ and as such sometimes feel that, despite being ‘busy’, they are not achieving as much as they would like to.

By planning over a 90-day time frame, you can create accountability while giving yourself the opportunity to adapt and change course along the way if needed.The biggest problem with one-year goals is the sheer length of time. Too many things can and will happen over the course of a year and the plan, as important as it may seem on day one, will be all but forgotten by day 200. In order to plan like a CEO, use quarterly planning or 90-day plans.

This is a question we got asked a few times, and the short answer is YES. We've decided to write this short guide demonstrating how you can use The main Thing planner for more than one project. To do so, we will take you through all most common possible ways of using our planner.

A. The Standard Use

Number of projects: 1 Main Thing

Duration: 3 stages [4 weeks each, so 12 weeks altogether]

Weekly break-down: you break down each stage into 4 individual week themes for your one big project.

Use: This is the most intended use of our planner. You dedicate the whole planner for one main thing, plan-out your strategy, your week themes, you review each as you go and at the end you sum up your learning progress.

B. 1 + 2 Use

Number of projects: 2 Main Things

Duration: 1 stage [4 weeks] + 2 stages [8 weeks]

Weekly break-down: as with standard use, you break down each stage into 4 individual week themes for your first, and then second big project.

Use: If you have one project that will take no longer than a month and a second project which you estimate to take about 2 months to complete. You still get to review your progress after each stage and after the whole experience, you still get to reflect on your process learnings.

C. 1 + 1 + 1 Use

Number of projects: 3 Main Things

Duration: 1 stage [4 weeks] + 1 stage [4 weeks] + 1 stage [4 weeks]

Weekly break-down: as with standard use, you break down each stage into 4 individual week themes for your first, second and third big project.

Use: If you have 3 smaller projects to accomplish that would take you up to a month each. Prioritise them and start with the most important one. As with other uses, you get to review your progress after each stage and after the whole experience, you reflect on your process learnings.

We would not recommend diluting the planner more than 3 projects per planner. As we're drumming through our motto, it is crucial to keep the Main Thing, the main thing, and anything smaller than a Stage may be just a task in your daily planner.

Absolutely! The Main Thing feature a full half page each day where you can jot down your thoughts, experiences and observations. The Main Thing provides you a separate section for daily actions in relation to your goals.

See more FAQs here or please do get in touch; we'd love to hear from you: hello@themainthingplanner.com

  • The Main Thing

The Main Thing

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